Bonito Walks
From Quinta to Quinta in Central Portugal: Hike and Explore the Self-Sufficient Lifestyle


Bonitowalks is a unique personal travel agency specialized in offering hiking trips in Portugal. What sets us apart from other travel agencies is our emphasis on personal interaction and involvement with the local community.

During the hiking trip, guests will stay at personal Quintas, where they will receive a warm welcome from the hosts. This provides an authentic and personal experience of Portuguese culture and lifestyle. The hosts are often experts in permaculture and self-sufficient living and will be happy to share their knowledge with the guests.
In addition, guests can enjoy vegetables from the hosts' garden, allowing them to taste the true flavors of Portugal. Bonitowalks believes in working closely with the local community and will therefore regularly make a stop at a traditional Portuguese restaurant for an authentic Portuguese lunch. This contributes to the preservation of local culture and helps support the region's economy.
In short, Bonitowalks not only offers a beautiful hiking route and environment, but also an authentic and personal experience of Portuguese culture and lifestyle, with close collaboration with the local community..