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From Quinta to Quinta in Central Portugal: Hike and Explore the Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

Local Environment

Central Portugal is a beautiful area with a rich history and a vibrant local culture. It is a region of quiet and picturesque villages, expansive green valleys, rolling hills, and majestic mountains. The region is known for its traditional Xisto villages, which are entirely built of slate, a local type of stone. These villages are worth a visit because of their unique architecture and atmosphere.
As for Portuguese farmers and families who have started a self-sufficient life, this is an emerging phenomenon in Portugal, especially in the Central Portugal region. More and more people are choosing to grow their own vegetables and fruit and live off what the land has to offer. This has led to a lively community of people focusing on sustainability, nature conservation, and a healthy lifestyle.

Local and Hippie Markets

The local and hippie markets in Central Portugal are known for their boho vibes and unique atmosphere. In addition to the many handmade products, such as clothing, ceramics, and wood carvings, you will also find a wide range of colorful jewelry. 

On these markets, you will also find a variety of delicious food, including vegetarian and vegan options. This can include homemade hummus, quinoa salads, and fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers.
The local population and new residents of the area come together here to enjoy the cozy atmosphere and to shop for unique and handmade products. The markets are often located in beautiful surroundings, such as in the shade of trees or along the bank of a river, making it a delightful place to relax and enjoy the local culture.
In short, if you are looking for an authentic and cozy experience in Central Portugal, the local and hippie markets are definitely worth a visit!

The markets (very cozy and fun!) are held on the weekends. If possible, we will definitely combine this with the hiking trip and offer to take you there. The markets are not held every weekend, so this is not guaranteed. However, there are often other events happening regularly.