Bonito Walks
From Quinta to Quinta in Central Portugal: Hike and Explore the Self-Sufficient Lifestyle


A quinta is a typical Portuguese country house located in rural areas, often surrounded by farmland and vineyards. Each quinta has its own charm and style, offering guests an authentic Portuguese experience.
Every quinta provides a unique atmosphere and a personal experience that perfectly complements the Bonito Walks hiking tour.
The quintas are not just places to stay overnight; they provide a peaceful retreat and immerse you in the world of self-sufficiency. 

Immerse yourself in this exceptional lifestyle, where respect for nature, community, and sustainability take center stage. Discover the beauty of Portuguese culture in a way you won't find anywhere else.

Some of the quintas where we will be staying during the hiking tour proudly offer guests vegetables from their own gardens.

Allow us to introduce the hosts of the quintas:
Meet the owners of the self-sufficient quintas, who will welcome you with open arms and ensure a comfortable stay during your hiking journey.

Quinta Sonhos Cosmicos

Meet Abdou and Rhian, the hosts of the heavenly Quinta during the Bonito Walks hiking tour. These two creative souls have a passion for travel and sharing music, art, and philosophy with others. They aspire to a life of peace and gratitude, living in harmony with nature and being part of a thriving heart-centered community.
In 2022, their spark of energy led them to Portugal, a land that carries the footprints of their respective ancestors, the Celts and the Moors. Here, nestled in the foothills of the Serra da Estrela mountain range, the land chose them to become its sacred guardians.
In their Quinta, they sow the seeds of infinite consciousness. It is a place where your heart feels at home, surrounded by lush nature and the soothing energy of the mountains. Abdou and Rhian welcome you with open arms to their heavenly retreat, where you can relax, find new inspiration, and become part of a community driven by love and connection.
With love,
Abdou & Rhian

Accommodation Information:
5 separate sleeping accommodations. Space for 10 people.
3 private rooms.
2 bell tents.
Note: If there are more than 5 solo travelers, there is a chance you may have to share a sleeping space with another traveler.

Quinta Elise and Robin

Meet Elise and Robin, the hospitable owners of Quinta Elise and Robin. Since April 2023, they have consciously chosen a simple self-sufficient life in this beautiful place, together with their two children and beloved dog. They warmly welcome guests to their oasis, and Elise lovingly prepares delicious vegetarian meals. Experience the warmth, simplicity, and culinary delights at Quinta Elise and Robin, while enjoying the enchanting surroundings and becoming a part of their self-sufficient lifestyle.

Accommodation Information:
Here, you will sleep in luxurious bell tents and yurts. If there are more than 4 solo travelers, there is a possibility of sharing a room with a fellow traveler.