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From Quinta to Quinta in Central Portugal: Hike and Explore the Self-Sufficient Lifestyle


The hiking tour we are offering now is a beautiful journey through the mountains of central Portugal. We follow a traditional Xisto route, which is known for the surrounding area's natural beauty.
It is an 8-day hiking trip, including 7 overnight stays (including arrival and departure, the hiking tour itself is 6 days). It is suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. We find it important to have time for relaxation and exploring the possibilities at the rest stops.
The route is 85 km. We will pick you up in Porto and drive to central Portugal by bus. 

---> DAY 1 We will pick you up in Porto with our own minibus (more information will be provided after booking), and then drive to Central Portugal. Our first stop is at a delightful Quinta near the village of Fajao. Here, we will arrive calmly, enjoy a communal dinner, and have a chance to get to know each other.

---> DAY 2 The next morning, we will start the hiking tour. The walk begins in the village of Fajao, where we will immediately make a beautiful stop at a lovely river beach. These well-maintained river beaches are characteristic of this area.

---> DAY 3 Next, we will go through Teixeira to the stunning Fraga da Pena waterfalls. After this beautiful stop, we will continue walking through the village of Benfeita until we reach the village of Dreia.

---> DAY 4 On the following day, we will walk from Dreia through the beautiful mountains to Barril do Alva, once again stopping at a lovely river beach. We will enjoy a homemade lunch, using the public BBQ facility. Afterward, we will continue walking to the charming village of Coja, where you can relax at a local terrace. At an agreed-upon time, we will take the minibus to the designated Quinta.

---> DAY 5 We will start our day at the nearest village and walk to the beautiful Roman town of Avô. We will then continue walking to the Quinta near Santa Ovaia, where we will spend the night.

---> DAY 6 / DAY 7 Now, we will continue the hiking tour in the stunning Serra Estrella, the largest mountain range in Portugal. We will drive there in our minibus and spend two more days hiking. We will embark on a challenging climb at Lapa dos Dinheiros (day 6 and day 7) and explore the Roman route of Ponta Romana (day 7).

---> DAY 8 On the last day, we will end with a communal breakfast and drive you back to Porto.

For more practical information, see the "Practical Information" section.

For more information on what to do in your free time or evenings, see the "Extra Info" section.


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Dates for 2023:

October 9-16, 2023(Try-Out Week --> see promotional price)

The price for the hiking trip, including transportation from Porto Airport and back, (7 days breakfast) ( 3 lunches), (3 dinners) (lunches and dinner at restaurants are not included), and accommodations in comfortable quintas, is 1080 euros per person (including VAT, flight ticket not included!).

Special Promotion!
Since we will have our first try-out hiking trip in September, we are offering a special discount rate for this trip. There may still be some beginner mistakes during this week, but we would be happy to receive your feedback afterwards! For this trip, we are asking for 820 euros per person (including VAT, flight ticket not included!).

Practical Information:
Here are a few practical matters to keep in mind:

  • We will pick you up with our own van in Porto. We will pick you up at two locations: Porto Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro (if possible, please book your arrival for before 5:00 PM) or Campanhã Train Station in Porto (we will pick you up at 4:00 PM, with exceptions possible, please contact us to arrange this). We will then drive to our first destination, which takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes. We will arrive in the evening in time for a group dinner and a good night's sleep.
  • During the hike, one of us will always walk together with the group, while the other ensures that your luggage is already at the next destination. So you don't have to carry your luggage during the hike. This saves a lot of hauling! It's a good idea to bring a small backpack for a water bottle and any snacks. We will send you a packing list by email after you book the trip, which will include everything you need to bring.
  • The flight ticket is not included, which means you will need to book your own ticket. Of course, you can also decide to leave a few days earlier to explore the beautiful city of Porto.
  • We want to be easy to reach, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! Contact us via the contact form, and we'll get back to you quickly.

Extra Info:
In the evenings, there are various options: sitting together by the campfire or relaxing with a good book. Some meals will be provided by the quintas, and we will also provide tips for good restaurants in the area that we can take you to and pick you up from if necessary.
We will eat together regularly. Breakfasts are always provided at the quintas. We will provide lunch a few times in a beautiful outdoor location during the hike, and we will also have lunch a few times at a Portuguese restaurant.
There is plenty of free time, and we are always happy to provide fun suggestions for things to do. If there is an event or market, we offer the option of going there with us, but this is entirely optional.